The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

How To Make Sure You Pick An Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love

Engagement rings convey a beautiful message of love, care, and commitment. And that’s why finding the perfect engagement ring for the person you love can be a little challenging, especially with so many options to choose from.
There’s no need to worry about it, though! Kenny G is here to make sure you understand all you need to know about
engagement rings, so you can find one that is a perfect match to your partner’s style! 

Ready to know all the different engagement rings styles? Let’s dive into the world of engagement rings! 

When did the engagement ring tradition start?

Roman Emperor Maximilian
The appearance of rings has been traced all the way back to Egyptian times. However, engagement rings (as we know of today) date back to the Roman Empire, when men used to offer both a gold and an iron ring to their fiancées as a tradition. These rings worked as a mutual contract between families.
Historical documents suggest that the first engagement ring used for a proposal was a precious ring offered by the Roman Emperor Maximilian I to the Duchess of Burgundy in 1477.
Today, the fashion industry still has kept the beautiful tradition of uniting two souls in marriage with a ring, to represent how they feel for each other. Through a process of continuous evolution, which provides innumerous different styles and options, capable of pleasing virtually any bride’s personality and taste, engagement rings have become a fashion statement, as well.

Popular engagement ring styles

engagement ring

Now that we’ve explored what makes engagement rings special, it’s time to think about the styles and what they represent. So, we’ve lined up a list of the most popular designs, ranging from timeless classics and romantic outlines to contemporary forms and shapes, sometimes with a flashier  effect. Anything goes – it’s just a matter of mapping out your bride’s taste. 

And that’s what our experts at Kenny G are here for: to make sure your experience buying your engagement ring is as enjoyable as it can get. 
Solitaire engagement rings


Solitaire engagement rings are elegant and sophisticated. The design highlights the centerpiece in beautiful detail. Solitaire rings have kept the tradition of engagement rings alive with a dazzling effect. They’re known as classic engagement rings by many, because there’s simply no way to go wrong with them! 


This gorgeous design has been conquering hearts for decades. Intricate details feature a row of diamonds around the centerpiece. Halo engagement rings aren’t just very romantic; they also give the illusion of a bigger ring.
double halo

Double Halo

Just like the name indicates, this ring style offers an extra row of diamonds around the center stone, resulting in an even more glamorous effect. Consider double halo engagement rings if you’re looking for an incredibly bright ring that offers a beautiful take on traditional designs.
three-stone engagement rings


This ring style is a blend of a classic and a modern touch. It encompasses three stones, so this design allows for the possibility of mixing and matching more than one kind of stone, such as diamonds and sapphires, or even more. 

That's why
three-stone engagement rings are a perfect choice for indecisive people who love more than one stone. The idea of the three stones together is meant to represent a past, a present and a future.

Vintage engagement rings


This setting style features a larger central diamond with smaller-sized diamonds all in delicate shapes, such as leaves and floral designs that make up the perfect detail in addition to the centerpiece. 

Vintage engagement rings are a great option because they offer an antique, ethereal look that your sweetheart will never get tired of, especially if she loves classic femininity. 

Find the perfect diamond for your engagement ring

perfect diamond

Once you’ve decided on the perfect ring style, don’t forget to choose the perfect diamond to go along with the ring. Diamonds can take on various shapes in terms of their cut. The most popular ones include round, oval, radiant, princess, cushion, pear, emerald, and marquise. 

In order to decide on that, you can simply take a look at the different shapes here. Also, feel free to check out our ring builder tool. It’ll help you get a better sense of how your engagement ring will look in the future.

For more information on diamonds specifically, check out our diamonds education guide

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Now you have all the information to decide on the perfect engagement ring, it’s time to shop for it! So, let’s make sure you choose a ring your partner thinks is so perfect they won’t wish to change a single detail about it.  

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