Jewelry Repair

Kenny G & Company performs a complete jewelry repair service staffed by our “in house” master goldsmiths, trained in all aspects of fine jewelry maintenance and repair. Most repairs are performed right on the premises and can be completed within just a few days. Or you can set an appointment and have your jewelry repair completed while you wait. (While you wait services may have additional charges.)

Jewelry Replacement Service

We will work with your insurance agent in the replacement of your jewelry in an insurance claim.

Jewelry Cleaning

We check and clean our client’s jewelry at no charge. We offer this service to keep our clients informed, and to either make them aware of the problems, or to assure them that their items are in good wearable condition. “We offer a little peace of mind” and a beautiful piece of jewelry upon leaving our store.

Watch Repair

We are a full service watch repair company that provides free estimates for local repairs. We can also service the following brands... Omega, Breitling, Baume& Mercier, Tag Heuer, Bulova, Raymond Weil and Rolex.

Professional Appraisals

Kenny G & Company offers appraisers trained by the Gemological Institute of America. Membership is awarded only to the selected jewelers who possess proven gemological knowledge and the highest ethical standards. It is your assurance of the reliability and capability of this firm. We offer on site GIA Appraisal services, this allows you to set an appointment for same day service.

Warranty / Trade-In Policy

We will allow the full purchase price, less any tax, as a trade-in toward another Loose Diamond, Stud Earrings or Solitaire Pendant. We only require you to spend $100.00 or more. All other qualifying diamond merchandise requires you to simply double the original purchase price. Kenny G & Company does not accept trade-ins on special orders, custom made jewelry, birthstone rings or offer discounts on new purchases where a trade-in is involved. All warranties are non-transferable.

Diamond Warranty

We will replace any diamonds purchased from Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers up to 1.25 carats, and or not to exceed the purchase price of $9995.00, lost from its mounting as long as your Warranty is valid. To keep your Warranty valid, your diamond must be CLEANED AND CHECKED (at no charge) at least once every six months. The inspection date must be entered on your warranty card by a representative of Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers. Tampering or non-Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers modification of your diamond jewelry will void this warranty. Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers will warranty your diamond for normal wear.

Pearl & Bead Restringing

We all have pearl or bead strands that require special care. Fine Pearls are strung on silk, a very durable material. After years of wear, it may fray, or stretch, and damage knots or strands weakening the necklace. We professionally restring, knotted or un-knotted, and offer new clasps as well.

Financing Available

Kenny G & Company offers a variety of credit options. Including but not limited to; No interest financing, One year financing, and long term financing. All based on credit approval. We also offer 90 day layaways subject to sales terms and conditions.

Other Services

We can pay you more for your Diamonds, Gold and Platinum! Other retailers don't have the proper resources for refining. At Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers we directly refine our gold, platinum and silver through our partners located in Dallas Texas, (USA) cutting off the middle man and import/export fee's.

Custom Jewelry Design

Let us help you create that one of a kind piece of jewelry. When you make your appointment with one of our professional jewelry consultants, you have begun the process that will deliver a piece of the finest quality and is crafted with the utmost care. A custom-designed piece means your jewelry is precious and one of a kind, a keepsake family heirloom that is never compromised. Here are the steps in creating a treasure you will always cherish.


Whether you are interested in an engagement ring, wedding band, pendant, bracelet, necklace or a different piece or set, we’ll sit down and help you create exactly what your heart desires. If diamonds are incorporated, we’ll discuss the shape, carat weight, and other criteria. Once the diamond(s) is selected, we’ll help you decide on a setting. You may want to bring in images, pictures, or a simple drawing to show what design you have in mind. We can also work with you to create a drawing from scratch.

CAD Designs & Renderings

Once the piece been conceptualized and discussed, we create a customized computer-aided design (CAD). The CAD file provides you with a feel of what your piece would look like. During this process you can request changes to ensure your jewelry is exactly what you have in mind, with all the design aspects you desire. Our designers can incorporate just about any changes to the CAD you can imagine.

Wax Growing

Wax growing means we “grow” a 3-dimensional wax of your piece. We use only the latest rapid prototype technology (Envision Tec or Solidscape). If desired, you can now “see” your creation with the actual dimensions prior to casting.

Casting and Finishing

Our production department takes the approved wax and attaches (sprews) it to a tree using a hot wax pen. The wax tree is then covered with a flask and filled with investment. This is similar to plaster. The investment dries and the flask is inserted into an oven to burn out the wax (called lost wax casting). When the wax is burned out, every detail of the piece has left and imprint in the investment (which now looks like gypsum/drywall). The desired metal is melted and forced into the investment mold. When it cools it forms the unfinished piece. The piece is then broken out of the investment, clipped from the tree, and sent to the finishing department for polishing and diamond/stone setting. The piece is now complete.